25x20 house plan 2bhk


Best 25x20 house plan 2bhk east facing with Vastu

This is a 25x20 house plan 2bhk east facing with Vastu 2 bedroom 1 big living hall, kitchen with dining, 2 toilets, etc. 500 sqft house plan.

This is a modern house plan in which all types of modern fittings and facilities are available. With the help of these facilities, you can do all your daily work in less time and with ease. This plan is a 2 BHK ground floor plan with an area of ​​25x20 square feet with a porch area.

The front elevation design of this plan has also been made and the exterior design has also been designed very well. You will also get to see the design of interior decoration, of this plan.

The interior has also been done very well. Now let us see this plan in detail, how it has been designed and where it is made, and how you can design it. The plan starts from the porch area, whose size is 7×10, in this area, you can also plant a few trees.

25x20 house plan 2bhk

25x20 house plan 1bhk east facing with Vastu

This is where the staircase is also made, with the help of which you can go up to the terrace. Now on entering the house comes the hall or living area whose size is 10×13. The living area should be designed very well because the better this room is, the better will be your impression.

In the living area, you can put a TV, keep a sofa set and also make a TV cabinet. After the living area comes to the kitchen, whose size is 8×8. It is a modular kitchen with all modern fittings and facilities. With the help of this, you can easily do your daily chores. There are also cabinets for storage in which you can store your belongings.

Now after the kitchen comes the bedroom whose size is 11×11. In this room, you can keep a double bed, install a TV and also make a good wardrobe. This plan has been designed very well; you will not find any drawback of any kind.

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