25x40 house plan


25x40 house plan with 1 & 2 bedrooms

This is a modern 25x40 house plan east facing with Vastu 2 bedroom 1 big living hall, kitchen with dining, 2 toilets, etc. 1000 sqft house plan.

This is a modern 2 BHK house plan with all modern fittings and modern amenities. Both the interior decoration and exterior design of this plan have been made. The design of the front elevation has also remained the same, making it change the look of the house, which makes the house look more attractive and good. This is a 3bhk duplex and modern house plan. This plan is very well designed.

25x40 house plan, 25x40 2 bedroom house plan

25x35 houseplan

Now let us see this plan in detail, how it is made and the size of which area has been kept. This house plan has been designed keeping everything well in mind. Now let us see this plan in detail, how it is made and the size of which area has been kept. It is a 2 BHK ground floor plan which also has a parking area and a stair case.

25x40 House plan east face

The parking area of this plan remains very large. The plan starts from the parking area, whose size is 11x13, in this area you can park your vehicle such as car bike. After that, if you want, you can also do a little gardening here. And the stair case for going to the terrace is also made from this.

The first thing that comes on entering inside the house is the hall or living area, which is 11x16 in size, in this area you can put a TV, keep a sofa set and also make a nice cabinet. Going beyond the living area, comes the common washroom, which is 9x5 in size. This washroom is built in the lobby area and the size of this lobby area is 5x11. Now after the lobby comes the kitchen whose size is 9x11.

25 feethouse plan

25x40 house plan 2bhk

This is a modular kitchen in which you will get to see all kinds of modern facilities. There are also cabinets for storage in which you can store your belongings. After this comes the first bedroom whose size is 14x10, in this room you can keep a double bed, you can make a good wardrobe and dressing table.

After this, a TV unit has also been given here in which TVs can be installed. After this comes the second bedroom, whose size is 9x13, in this room you can install a TV, keep a double bed and get any kind of interior decoration done. From this room you can also go to the backyard.

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